Marcos Paseggi, originally from Argentina and now lives in Canada, serves on the new staff of Adventist Review Ministries. 

Lynette Allcock, a millennial, is a presenter on Adventist Radio London, a DAB radio station serving London and the surrounding area. 

May 31, 2018

SuperForce (June 2018)

Wilona Karimabadi, editor of Kids View magazine, a publication of Adventist Review Ministries, discusses the similarities and differences between the Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines.

“Papa, please tell me a story.”  That’s Cain, or maybe Abel, asked Adam to tell them a story, a story that will make the past more clear so they can face the future with greater certainty, courage, and hope.  It’s a question every Father and Mother has been asked by the “inquiring minds” who sit beside them in the light of a cooling evening. 
Each month I imagine that you have just invited me to “tell you a story,” a true tale of The Creator’s love that will help you understand the past and so face the future with more certainty, courage, and hope. I breath deeply for a long minute, and then pour my heart out to you through my computer.